Like every where else the climate of Andalucia is not quite so predictable as it was, but in every month it is possible to have plenty of sunshine.

January, February and March can be quite warm during the day but it is likely to be cold at night.

April begins to warm up and by May and June it is usually hot during the day and nice to sit up late outside. We walk higher up the Sierra Nevada where it is cooler and shady.

July and August are guaranteed to be hot in the Alpujarra. 

September begins to cool off but is usually warm in the evenings. 

October and November can be some of the nicest months for walking, sunny and clear during the day, with a pleasant temperature, and cool at night.

December it might start to snow on the tops but lower down can be warm enough to sit out comfortably during the day. 

It does rain in Spain but rarely for many days at a time and it can rain one day and be beautifully sunny the next. It is recommended that you read through our what to bring guide for visits at any time of year. For information on the highlights of each month see our seasonal guide

Rain is very unlikely in May, June, July or August and is unusual in September.  Due to the mountains, weather can be very localized and forecasts are not always helpful.

"Weather perfect. What more could I want" - Steve Pickthall