What to bring

The short answer is – as little as possible – especially if you are travelling with Ryanair who have a 15 kg hold allowance and 10 kg hand luggage allowance.

A soft hold-all is better than a rigid suitcase if you are being picked up at Granada Airport, as the luggage may have to go on the roof-rack of a 4 x 4.

For walking holidays you will need some good hiking boots

In summer lightweight canvas or Gortex boots with a good tread are the best option as feet tend to swell in the heat and very rigid boots may cause problems,  Decent socks are even more important.

A daysack.  Many of these are very badly designed, being far too short so that the waist straps only go round the chest, restricting breathing and taking no weight whatsoever.  In it you will need room for the following:-  any camera equipment or binoculars you wish to take with you, water bottle of at least 1L capacity, sun cream, fleece or windproof, money for bar stops, plus leaving room for carrying your share of the picnic.  This may weigh about 1kg but things that weigh least may have the greater volume.

Clothes for walking.  Many walk in t-shirts and shorts, but if you want your legs protected from undergrowth and your arms from the sun, long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt are a good idea.  You should also bring a fleece.

On Winter walks you will need more layers than that in the Alpujarra. A thermal undervest is a very good idea and a sleeveless padded waistcoat (gilet) gives flexibility.  You should also bring a waterproof just in case, it does sometimes rain or even snow in Andalucia.  For high days in the Sierra Nevada a wooly hat and gloves are advisable.

Change of clothes for evening:  The norm is casual and you don’t have to be very smart – unless you are coming on a tailor-made special celebration, in which case you can be as glamorous as you like !

In summer bring a swimming costume to take advantage of the pool, even if you can’t swim !  It is standing depth and has sitting shelves for relaxing with a cold drink.  If you bring a swimming towel it will be appreciated, but there are spare ones provided for general use around the pool.

Nightwear, wash things/cosmetics, personal prescriptions and small emergency medical/blister kit are things to take.  Any books left are always welcome !

For tailor-made holidays enquire about any necessary kit or clothing for special activities, and see above for evenings !