We think that good food is extremely important, not just as a means of nourishment but also as an excuse to relax, socialize and enjoy good conversation.

Presentation and setting also have their part to play and we always look for the prettiest picnic places, and bar stops with charm and good tapas.  Granada is one of the few provinces where tapas come free with beer or wine – good reason to live here!

The Spanish diet is based on fresh meat  and fish dishes, and though there is plenty of salad, and fresh vegetables can be bought, the idea of vegetarianism is not widely understood by the Alpujarrans.  At base Carole will cater for vegetarians and those with allergies but you may find your tapas a bit restricted! Please let us know beforehand if you are not omnivorous, giving specific details.


  • fruit juice - cereal - fruit/fruit salad - bread/toast/preserves - tea/coffee
  • cooked breakfast in winter - cold meats & cheeses in summer.

Picnic lunches

  • bread - cold meats - cheeses - tortilla (eggs) - salad - fruit

A sample of Supper dishes

  • Starters:- tdziki - guacamole - fish pate - goat's cheese & honey croute - stuffed red peppers - smoked salmon - Spanish stuffed eggs - soups
  • Mains:- Imam Bayildi with Moorish rice and roast chicken legs - Pork a la pimienta verde - Chicken Tarragon - Chicken with chickpeas and almonds - Pork with prunes stew - Fish stew - Pork in Asturian cider
  • Desserts:- Cinnamon plums - Oranges in brandy - Bananas in rum - Pears in cream - Cadiar meringues with ice-cream - Strawberries
  • Wine:- red Valdepenas - white Rueda - Cava - Costa, the local wine
  • Followed by:- unlimited tea/coffee

We provide vegetarian dishes where required and with prior notice.

"Delicious dinners, even after tapas" Julia Griffin

"Fabulous food, especially the pork and the guacamole and the plums. Everything was delicious." Shirley Watson

"Excellent food and plenty to drink" Pat Tivvey